Vein Treatment

At Aesthetic Enhancements Plastic Surgery in Orlando, board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Armando Soto offers sclerotherapy to men and women with spider and varicose veins. During this treatment, a chemical solution is injected directly into visible veins to destroy their inner lining and collapse their structure. This process eliminates unsightly spider veins and varicose veins for a more beautiful and natural skin appearance. Thousands of men and women suffer from unwanted spider and varicose veins on their legs and thighs, which is why Dr. Soto is thrilled to offer a solution that produces stunning results. Patients will love their new skin and will no longer dread showing off their legs.

Surgical Technique

During a sclerotherapy treatment session, a sclerosing chemical solution is injected carefully into the affected vein using a fine needle. Depending on the severity of the condition, the treatment varies with the number of doses needed per vein. The doctor will use cotton to apply ointment and pressure on the injection prick, which helps to spread the medication and stop any minimal bleeding. There may be cramping sensations during the treatment, which is normal. Patients will be advised to wear compression garments for a period of time to continue to put steady pressure on the skin so that the medication continues to work and damage the veins.

During/After Surgery

Sclerotherapy is a cosmetic treatment that is performed as an outpatient procedure in an accredited surgical center. After treatment, the veins swell, shut down, and ultimately disappears. The gradual fading of size and color will begin to take notice around 2 – 3 weeks. Optimal results are evident after 6 weeks.

Dr. Soto

Dr. Armando Soto

Dr. Soto is a board-certified plastic surgeon who brings an exceptional level of attention, skill, and integrity to every patient and procedure. For more than 15 years, he has helped Orlando women and men look and feel fabulous using innovative yet proven surgical and nonsurgical options. As a well-respected plastic surgeon, Dr. Soto is a member of leading professional associations, including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and The Aesthetic Society.

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Doctor Sotos Credentials including American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Board of Plastic Surgery, and The Aesthetic Society

Sclerotherapy FAQS

How Effective?

It is difficult to target 100% of the vein as some can be a challenge to inject. On average, 70% improvement is seen in the majority of treated patients. For severe cases, several treatments are necessary to see any significant improvement in appearance. Patients report satisfying results, especially those who are bothered with the pain and cramps of severe varicose veins. 

Other Options?

Sclerotherapy is a popular method in removing cases of spider and varicose veins, but there are other alternatives that today’s technology offers. Laser treatment, surgical stripping and radiofrequency treatment are a few other options for someone seeking the removal of problematic veins. The doctor will evaluate the condition and recommend the best approach for the patient’s circumstance.

Possible Side Effects?

Common side effects are only temporary such as skin irritation, itching, and bruising right after treatment. This is only evident around the injection sites and fades after a few days. The treatment is minimally invasive. There are rare complications, such as blood clots or allergic reactions, which must be reported immediately for possible treatment.

In Between Treatments?

For cases needing several treatments, patients will need to wait several weeks in between sessions to allow the treated veins time to fade. This allows the treated veins to break down and completely be absorbed by the body so that the injector can then focus on the live veins that remain.