Contour TRL™

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Price Starting At:
Recovery Time:
7-14 Days
Average Procedure Time:
1-2 Hours
Post-op Follow-up:
1-2 Days
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At Aesthetic Enhancements Plastic Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Armando Soto offers laser skin resurfacing with Contour TRL™ technology to Orlando patients who wish to address wrinkles, excess pigment, uneven texture, and other effects of sun damage and aging. The laser technology stimulates collagen production, strengthening skin integrity and eliminating damaged skin cells to allow new skin growth.

What Does Contour TRL Treat?

These treatments are mainly used to rejuvenate the face and neck but can be used on the chest and other areas to correct a variety of concerns, including:

  • Mild to deep lines and wrinkles
  • Rough or uneven texture
  • Brown spots, freckles, and other excess pigmentation
  • Acne scars and surgical scars
  • Lax, crepey skin
  • Actinic keratoses
  • Enlarged pores

How Does Contour TRL Work?

Contour TRL is a full-field skin resurfacing technology that gives your medical professional independent control over the laser’s depth of ablation and coagulation with a precision of up to a micron. Contour TRL is not a one-size-fits-all laser platform. It enables us to customize each treatment to fit the patient’s skin type and concerns.

Contour TRL uses ablative erbium YAG laser technology to vaporize and remove the upper layer of the skin. When the damaged, superficial skin is removed, the body generates healthy new skin cells for a radiant, more youthful appearance. The laser energy triggers the production of new collagen to make the skin firmer and more elastic over the following weeks.  

Your Contour TRL Treatment

We perform Contour TRL as an outpatient procedure in our office. Any pain during the procedure is managed with local anesthesia and/or sedatives to help you relax. Your eyes will be covered with protective shields. A session may take up to 2 hours, depending on your skin conditions.


The doctor may prescribe a pain reliever to take after the procedure. It may also be beneficial to use an extra pillow when sleeping to ease any discomfort. The face may be bandaged after treatment. Since the epidermis is peeled away, the skin may appear red for several weeks. As it heals, crusting may be present. It is very important to follow the doctor’s advice on skin care to prevent any scarring. It may take a few days before the patient can resume normal activities.

Dr. Soto

Dr. Armando Soto

Dr. Soto is a board-certified plastic surgeon who brings an exceptional level of attention, skill, and integrity to every patient and procedure. For more than 15 years, he has helped Orlando women and men look and feel fabulous using innovative yet proven surgical and nonsurgical options. As a well-respected plastic surgeon, Dr. Soto is a member of leading professional associations, including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and The Aesthetic Society.

Meet Dr. Soto

Credentials You Can Trust

Doctor Sotos Credentials including American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Board of Plastic Surgery, and The Aesthetic Society

Contour TRL Laser Skin Resurfacing FAQ

Are there any negative effects with Contour TRL?

Although the procedure will remove the skin’s surface, there is a minimal risk of scarring, especially when post-treatment care is implemented. It is critical to find a reputable doctor or technician with comprehensive experience with laser skin treatments who understands how different technologies affect different skin types.

What are the long-term effects?

When done correctly, the result is durable and effective in combating signs of aging and skin damage. Aside from the natural effects of aging, personal habits, and environmental factors, results can be long-lasting. You may benefit from maintenance treatments as signs of aging get more significant over time.

Should I choose an ablative or non-ablative laser treatment?

Whether you choose an ablative treatment like Contour TRL or a non-ablative treatment like BBL® depends mainly on your skin condition, cosmetic goals, and how much time you can devote to recovery. The doctor will discuss each treatment in detail and recommend the best approach to match your needs.