What are the Benefits of Nano Laser Peel Skin Resurfacing?

Woman putting on lipstick admiring the benefits of a nano-peel

If you’re looking for new ways to rejuvenate your skin, it’s time to consider the Nano Laser Peel by Sciton. This procedure is used by Aesthetic Enhancements Plastic Surgery and clinics all over the U.S. to help adults of all ages regain their youthful appearance. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Armando Soto may recommend this skin rejuvenation treatment for common signs of aging, wrinkles, sun damage, and acne scars in Orlando, FL.

So, how does the Nano Laser Peel work, and why choose this treatment over options like facelift surgery? Our team uses advanced lasers to break up the top layers of skin so new cells can grow. This procedure is not only safe for most skin types but also requires far less downtime than invasive surgery. Now you can refresh your appearance without going under the knife! Call a member of our team to set up your laser peel today.

What is laser skin resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing involves removing the top layer of skin to reveal healthier, refreshed skin beneath. While other treatments may be able to accomplish your cosmetic goals, lasers have been known to stimulate new collagen production, which reduces signs of aging on a long-term basis.

Laser skin resurfacing is an excellent way to treat fine lines, sun damage, acne scars, and dull spots on your skin. However, some men and women may be better suited for another type of treatment or surgery instead. Dr. Soto will carefully examine your skin and give you an honest assessment of which procedure is right for you.

Where can I get laser treatment?

Laser treatment can be performed on the face and neck for wrinkles, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation. Skin rejuvenation is also safe for most areas of the body. Dr. Soto or a member of our aesthetic team may recommend additional procedures for even more dramatic results. This includes dermal fillers, HALO treatments, and BBL.

What lasers do you use?

Sciton’s Nano Laser Peel uses light energy to remove the top layer of skin with minimal discomfort. This laser can work at very precise depths to create a smooth and luminous complexion. Our technology is safe to use on most skin types, but if you are prone to skin inflammation and hyperpigmentation, you may need an alternative solution.

What should I expect during recovery?

Almost immediately after a laser peel in Orlando, FL, your skin may feel warm, but no sensation of pain is expected. You’ll need to avoid direct sunlight for several weeks, so plan accordingly. Your skin will also feel sensitive to the touch since you have a fresh layer of skin exposed. Our team can give you specific instructions for skin care before and after your treatment.

Complete skin rejuvenation

The benefits of a Nano Laser Peel are numerous. You can expect smoother, clearer skin with reduced acne and hyperpigmentation in Orlando, FL. This process is also ideal for those who have experienced severe sun damage or other types of skin trauma. If you’re ready to discover the many benefits of laser skin resurfacing for yourself, call Aesthetic Enhancements Plastic Surgery for a consultation with Dr. Armando Soto. We’re happy to review the process with you in full.

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