Breast Lift Recovery Time: A Week-by-Week Guide

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If you’re considering a breast lift or are scheduled for the procedure, you may wonder what to expect from the recovery time. This post will discuss how to recover from your breast lift, offering week-by-week tips to help you along the way.


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Before & After Breast Lift
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Before & After Breast Lift

Week 1: Focus on Rest and Healing

After your breast lift, plan on getting plenty of rest to optimize your recovery time during the first week after your procedure. Expect some initial discomfort, swelling, and sensitivity. Following your surgeon’s instructions on wearing a supportive bra and avoiding strenuous activities is essential.

  • Swelling and bruising will be at their peak during this week.
  • Take prescribed pain medication as directed to manage any discomfort.
  • You should begin carefully moving around within 48 hours after surgery.
  • Avoid heavy lifting or activities that strain your chest muscles.

Week 2: Return to Light Activities if Your Surgeon Gives the OK

As you enter the second week of your breast lift recovery, you may notice a reduction in swelling and discomfort. However, it’s important to continue following your surgeon’s instructions and avoiding activities that could strain your incisions as they heal and affect your breast lift scar outcome. You may be able to return to light, non-strenuous activities, but consult your surgeon before doing so.

  • Swelling and bruising will gradually decrease.
  • Follow your surgeon’s recommendations regarding scar care to promote optimal healing.

Week 3: Be Patient and Avoid Strenuous Activities

By the third week, you should start to feel more comfortable and experience less pain. Much of the swelling should have subsided, and you’ll notice your incisions healing. Still, being patient and avoiding strenuous activities or heavy lifting is important.

  • Swelling continues to decrease.
  • Incisions may appear red or pink and should be healing well.
  • Continue following your doctor’s scar care recommendations.
  • Consult your surgeon before resuming any vigorous activities or exercise.

Week 4: Maintain Good Self Care

At week 4, you should feel significantly better, and your breasts will start settling into their new shape. Maintaining good self-care is essential—eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of rest, and caring for your breast lift scar.

  • Swelling should be minimal at this point.
  • Incisions may appear less noticeable.
  • Continue to avoid strenuous activities or heavy lifting.

Week 5 and Beyond: Enjoy Your Results

As you enter the fifth week and beyond, you’ll be well on your way to a full recovery. Your breasts will continue to settle, and any residual swelling should be minimal. Your scars will gradually fade and flatten over time. Maintain good communication with your surgeon, and attend follow-up appointments as scheduled. They will tell you when it’s OK to return to all activities.

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