Breast Lift Before and After Photos: Some of My Favorite Cases

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When patients considering breast lift surgery come in for their consultations, one of the first things I tell them is that I’m not a big fan of the term breast lift. I prefer calling the procedure breast reshaping because that’s what really occurs during the procedure. Lifting implies that the procedure simply elevates sagging breasts. But the procedure, when performed correctly, also creates changes in other dimensions, too.

A patient’s unique concerns, cosmetic goals, and the condition of their breasts determine what those specific changes are. I create a customized surgical plan based on those factors and the patient’s overall health. It’s really a pleasure to be able to accomplish my patients’ goals and have them be so happy with their results.

What Happens During a Breast Lift?

As I mentioned, a breast lift procedure involves reshaping the breast tissue along with removing excess skin. In many cases, a patient chooses to combine breast implants with the procedure. This results in fuller breasts that are in a more youthful position on the chest. The specific incisions made during the procedure depend on the severity of sagging, the size of the breasts, and the patient’s goals.

The incisions made during a breast lift are usually some combination of one or more component incisions:

  • An incision made along the borderline of the areola and the breast skin
  • An incision made vertically from the lower border of the areola down to the natural crease below the breast (similar to a lollipop)
  • An incision made along the natural crease below the breast

This incision choice is decided after consulting with the patient.

Breast Lift Before and After Photos

The before and after photos featured in this post showcase the unique approaches needed to address my patients’ different concerns.

Even when the degree of sagging is fairly moderate, as with this patient, a lift combined with silicone implants can improve the shape of the breasts. This patient is shown before the procedure and 1 year later and is very happy with the natural-looking, full appearance achieved.

Many of my breast lift patients are women whose breasts lose their youthful shape and volume after having children. That’s the case with this patient, who is shown before and 1 year after a lift that also included inserting silicone gel implants. You can also see that the scars are barely perceptible a year after the surgery.

Some patients whose primary goal is to increase the size of their breasts can also benefit from a breast lift. This patient said she wanted a significant increase in the fullness of her breasts while also maintaining the natural, sloping shape. Combining a lift with implants produced results that delighted her.

A breast revision procedure combined with a lift and implants achieved this patient’s goal of improving the shape of her breasts while reducing their size. She had undergone breast augmentation performed by another surgeon and wasn’t happy that her breasts sagged after the procedure. She is very happy with the revised results.

Get Results You Love

As you can see, combining a breast lift with breast augmentation can produce beautiful results when performed by a talented and experienced plastic surgeon. Start your journey by requesting a consultation using the online form or call our Orlando, FL, practice at (407) 218-4550 to schedule an appointment.

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