Breast Augmentation Do’s and Don’ts: How to Get the Most Out of Surgery

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Choosing to undergo plastic surgery is a major decision. Knowledge is power, and you should learn as much as you can about what to expect from your procedure. When it comes to breast augmentation, I always want my Orlando patients to feel informed and prepared before surgery. Fortunately, there are many things you can do both before and after treatment to have the best possible experience.

Before Breast Augmentation

You can start preparing for a successful surgery before even entering the operating room. Here are a few tips to keep in mind in the weeks leading up to your procedure.

DO: Research Your Surgeon

No two plastic surgeons are exactly alike, and you deserve someone you can trust. So do a bit of research and look for a doctor who is board-certified and has excellent reviews. You can also click through their breast augmentation before and after pictures to get an idea of the results you can expect. Reviews pages are another excellent way to learn more about a surgeon’s bedside manner.

DO: Ask Thoughtful Questions

Every breast augmentation journey begins with a private consultation. During this time, you can talk one-on-one with your surgeon and discuss everything you need to know about your next steps. Don’t be afraid to ask specific questions about implants, recovery times, and more. Your doctor will be more than happy to teach you more about the procedure.

DON’T: Get Surgery for Someone Else

Before you fully commit to surgery, ask yourself an important question: Why do I want this procedure? Make sure your motivation for choosing breast augmentation is healthy. You should never get surgery to please someone else or because you feel pressure from others. Only choose breast augmentation to help you feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin.

After Breast Augmentation

You’ll need to take care of your body after treatment to achieve the best possible results. Here are some do’s and don’ts for the recovery process.

DO: Form a Support System

You may need a bit of help around the house the first few days after surgery. Reach out to friends and family to let them know you are undergoing surgery. Then, form a support system that can help you with tasks like food prep, childcare, or transportation.

DO: Listen to Your Body

Recovery is a marathon—not a sprint. Go easy on your body and listen to what it has to say. Take your time returning to workouts and other physically demanding activities. Give your body the rest and time it needs to heal fully.

DON’T: Judge Your Results Right Away

It may take a few months after surgery for your implants to fully “settle.” Your breasts may appear too high or firm at first, but they will soften and “drop” over time. Wait a few months before judging your results or considering breast augmentation revision. You may be surprised at how much your breasts improve once they’ve fully settled and healed.

Browse our before and after pictures to see examples of real breast augmentation results. If you’re in the Orlando area and would like to learn more about treatment, please request a consultation online or call (407) 871-6610.

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