When you’re looking for a plastic surgeon in the Orlando, FL, area, you want a doctor with skills and experience you can trust. Dr. Armando Soto has helped countless men and women rejuvenate their bodies and create safe, satisfying results. We are honored that so many satisfied patients have taken the time to write reviews for our practice. On this page, you can read reviews about our practice on some of the most popular and reputable patient forums.

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Dr. Soto is a great doctor. He knows what he is doing; he has the best people working with him. Everyone works together to give you the best results. I am very happy with how my body looks and feels. I feel more confident and it’s so much fun getting dressed. I love all the new clothes I can wear and I love all the compliments I get now. I love my body now. Thank you Dr. Soto. I also love his good energy.

Dr. Soto is a great doctor. He explains everything very well and is very patient. I look so great and part of it is from his guidance; I became the best version of myself. Thank you Dr. Soto. I definitely recommend Dr. Soto if you want to look great. He is also very honest and I love that about him.

Very Happy with my experience at aesthetic enhancements. Results were above and beyond.

Dr Soto and his staff were excellent, from the beginning of my process to the end. I researched a number of surgeons, but there was something that stood out about his medical history, the quality of the photos and his social media pages. When looking at his photos (breast augmentation) I did not see photos of overly sized, end results. What I found was QUALITY work, FULLNESS, and NO over sized end products. The girls in his office are very friendly. Do not be afraid to ask questions! Everyone in the office will answer any questions or concerns you have, and Dr Soto answers all of your questions HONESTLY!!!! SO HAPPY I PICKED THEIR PRACTICE!!

Nearly five months ago I had a breast reduction here. It has been by far the best decision I have made in my life. I went from a G+ to a C cup. Dr. Soto and his staff went above and beyond to make me comfortable throughout the entire process. They are all very informative and personable. If any type of enhancements is something you are thinking about, I would highly recommend you to have it here! Since my surgery my self confidence and general comfort have soared. Clothes fit better and i no longer have pain in my neck and shoulders anymore. Thank you Dr Soto for changing my life for the better!

Couldn’t be happier with results of Mommy Makeover. From the consult to the aftercare, I was never left questioning anything. Staff always responded quickly. Dr. Soto is very kind, direct and addresses any concerns. The aftercare part you never really think about, but so glad he checks on my incisions. As long as you comply with his directions, you won’t be disappointed.

Dr. Soto and his team are amazing. He is very professional, kind and knowledgeable. I did a breast argumentation and I am very happy with the results. I would recommend Dr Soto 100%.

Nothing short of amazing! Cool sculpting helped reduce stubborn body fat and three months later , I’m still seeing improvements. Well worth it, and Amy is fantastic!

Dr Soto and the staff at Aesthetic Enhancements Plastic Surgery are 1 of the best. I can appreciate honesty and that's what you get with Dr Soto I did a tummy tuck on the Oct 29 2021 and 7 week later I am almost where I want to be and without lymphatic drain massage. I followed my Doctor instruction and to my surprise I could see the results I wanted. I love it