Here at Aesthetic Enhancements Plastic Surgery, we have many patients who visit our Orlando Plastic Surgery and Skincare Center from far away. In order to make your complete experience an easy and pleasurable one, our Patient Coordinator will work with your specific needs to provide a variety of destination surgery concierge services, including: professional nursing aftercare, discreet luxury transportation, and hotel accommodations.

Prior to Your Consultation

Prior to your first visit, our Patient Coordinator will work closely with you to help guide you through our process of gaining a better understanding of your aesthetic goals.

Once we have established that you may be a good surgical candidate, a more comprehensive understanding of your options and the potential details (including a rough estimate of your anticipated costs, recovery, etc) would be your next step, and requires a scheduled conversation via Skype or FaceTime with Dr. Soto.

While this method does allow many patients to avoid the costs and inconvenience of travel until they are confident they are good candidates for their desired improvements, please understand that no firm medical decisions can be responsibly made until an in-person physical examination is performed.

Travel Details

Once you are ready to travel to Orlando, we recommend that you plan for at least a three-week stay (plus or minus a few days depending on your procedure) to ensure a safe recovery and smooth healing process. Please plan on arriving in town at least two days prior to your scheduled surgery date.  This has been proven to help minimize any complications that could potentially arise.

Please call our office at 407-218-4550 and ask for our Patient Coordinator,  she will be happy to assist you in scheduling your consultation, pre-operative appointment, and surgery.  For your convenience, we are usually able to schedule these in the same week for our out-of-town patients. Please note that you must stay in town for at least three weeks after your surgery in order to allow for responsible, appropriate post-operative care.

*Remember that the goals are to help you look your very best AND to keep you safe.

Being that our office is conveniently located in the center of Orlando, one of the world’s finest destinations, we have many accommodation options available to you.

Patient Care

In preparing to visit us for your aesthetic improvement, it is important to have an adult with you who can help care for you in the days after your procedure. If you will be traveling alone, we are happy to help you schedule someone to help with your post surgical care through our professional nursing aftercare services.

We look forward to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals, please feel free to call our office or have our office contact you with more details.