Mommy Make-Over

A Mommy Makeover is a combination procedure that, when performed by a talented and experienced surgeon, restores your body to a more attractive, pre-pregnancy appearance (sometimes even better!). Use of the Mommy Makeover term usually means that the procedures are all performed at once, minimizing recovery time and expenses, while maximizing the transformative benefit of the carefully planned and executed procedures.

The specific procedures Dr. Soto recommends for your Mommy Makeover will depend on your goals as an individual, the changes your body experienced as a result of your pregnancies (in other words your examination), and your preferences for other details like how much time off of work you have available and your budget.

Most often, Mommy Makeovers consist of a Tummy Tuck and a Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, or a combination breast augmentation and lift, but other combinations are also possible for patients interested in or requiring a bit of liposuction or a more rounded and shapely derriere.

For the healthy women most often interested in these procedures, our Mommy Makeovers are performed in Dr. Soto’s nationally accredited, on-site surgical suite in the Dr. Phillips neighborhood of Orlando.

The Mommy Makeover is an area of particular expertise for Dr. Soto, as evidenced by the outcomes and experiences his patients enjoy. Please visit our gallery and read our patient testimonials to learn more about our success with these wonderful transformations.

  • Ideal Candidates

    Any healthy woman who has experienced an unfavorable change in the shape and/or size of her breasts and abdomen after losing weight or having a baby is a candidate for a mommy makeover.

    Ideally, your family is complete and you are at least 6 months removed from your last pregnancy (it can take a few months for your body to completely recover from pregnancy- not surprising as it took 9 moths to get there!). It is important to consider not only your goals for breast size, but most importantly for breast shape and position too, as this will often be the determinant of the procedure recommended for you.

    Women 40 years of age and older should have a mammogram before surgery, and those with a history of a chronic medical problem, like hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, or diabetes, should visit their doctor for approval before surgery as well.

  • Procedure Options

    Options for the achievement of your desired breast appearance include breast augmentation, breast lifting (or breast reshaping as Dr. Soto prefers to term it), and various combinations of the two. There are multiple options for your breast augmentation, as well as for breast reshaping techniques, making this portion of the mommy makeover extremely customizable to your goals and starting anatomy. Indeed, it is often said that you can tell the quality, talent and experience of a plastic surgeon by his breast lift outcomes, and Dr. Soto is extremely proud of his patients' appearance, as well as their experiences with this procedure in his practice.

    Abdominal options also are several, and include different techniques for liposuction, as well as the 4 different tummy tuck options Dr. Soto offers. A large portion of your consultation with Dr. Soto will be spent discussing your goals, reviewing your examination and options, and helping you decide which options fit your goals and lifestyle best.

  • How It's Done

    Your Mommy Makeover procedure will be performed in Dr. Soto's State-of-the-art, on-site surgical suite located in Orlando's beautiful Dr. Phillips neighborhood. Because of the greater length of the Mommy Makeover procedure, and our desire to provide you with the very best care possible, you will spend the night in our recovery area with one of our excellent nurses and a nurse's assistant.The next morning, after being examined by Dr. Soto, you will be discharged home in the care of your loved ones.

    The procedure is performed entirely by Dr. Soto, with assistance from his carefully selected team of anesthesiologists, nurses, and technicians. All of your sutures will be absorbable and beneath your skin, with supportive skin tapes on top. Depending on the combination of procedures performed, you will also have supportive garments in place, and these should be worn around the clock to minimize swelling and maximize your comfort, healing, and outcome.

    Our average Mommy Makeover patient takes prescription pain medicine for 5-7 days, and is comfortable on tylenol after that. Light daily activities are usualy resumed after the first week, and most patients feel pretty good by the end of the second, although we will not release you to heavier, more strenuous activity like heavy housework, yardwork, or exercise until a full 6 weeks have gone by. Most patients are able to drive their car a few days after the last dose of the prescription pain medicine. You will see the beautiful change in your body's shape immediately (preparing for your first shower!), but due to the expected swelling and bruising, you should not expect to see you final outcome until a few weeks have gone by.

    Scar fading and maturation is usually excellent in our practice, but requires the careful following of instructions on your part to get the best outcome. This scar maturation process takes between 12 and 18 months.

    Once completely healed, you will be able to resume all activities you enjoyed before your surgery.

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